Snow face cream

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Helps to improve skin tone and lighten scars.


Ingredients: water; glycerin; butanediol; squalane; cetearyl alcohol; C12-18 alkyl glucoside; sodium hyaluronate; pearl powder; arbutin; snow lotus (SAUSSUREA INVOLUCRATA) extract; PANAX GINSENG extract; hexapeptide-1; yeast extract; tocopherol (vitamin E); ascorbic acid (vitamin C); mulberry (MORUS ALBA) extract; rose (ROSA RUGOSA) flower Extract; abalone tree (BUTYROSPERMUM PARK II) fruit fat; licorice (GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS) extract; Angelica (ANGELICA SINENSIS) extract; Salvia miltiorrhiza (SALVIA MILTIORRHIZA) extract; Hawthorn (CORNUS OFFICINALIS) extract; Boswell (BOSWELLIA CARTER II) extract ; carbomer; octanoyl hydroxamic acid; glyceryl octanoate; p-hydroxyacetophenone.

Add red ginseng pearl essence, moisturizing fine, brighten skin tone, improve skin roughness, dryness, etc. And enhance skin elasticity. 


How to use: After cleansing the face, apply a proper amount to the skin and gently massage until absorbed.


Note: If there is any discomfort during use, please stop using it. Please keep out of reach of children.


Storage method: Store in a cool dry place.