Myrtle Essential Oil

Myrtle Essential Oil

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The health benefits of Myrtle Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, expectorant and sedative substance. It helps to eliminate foul odors. It can be used in incense sticks and burners, fumigants and vaporizers as room fresheners. It can also be used as a body deodorant or perfume. It has no side effects like itching, irritation or patches on the skin like certain commercial deodorants.

Myrtle essential oil is also suitable substance to apply on wounds. It does not let microbes infect the wounds and thus protects against sepsis and tetanus, in case of an iron object being the cause of the damage.


  • It is recommended not to use it in this manner for children under 6 years of age.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner.
  • Do not use myrtle oil on pets, especially cats, as it is toxic to them.
  • Do not take essential oils internally.
  • Do not apply to eyes, sensitive areas or mucous membranes.

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