Lemon and orange peel puree (Relief & prevention of sore throat, coughs and flu)

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1. Citric acid and pectin in lemons can control appetite and weight.
2. Drink a spoonful of lemon cream 1 hour before, which may help to remove gallstones.
3. Treat coughs and sore throat. Put a tablespoon of it everyday in a cup of warm water. Drink up to 5 times a day. Can combine with any medications.
4. Lemon is rich in flavonoid antioxidants that are good for blood vessels. Moreover, it contains vitamin C to increase the level of nitric oxide in the body, thereby relaxing the body, dilating blood vessels, and lowering blood pressure.
5. Consuming too much fried foods may cause heartburn. You may wish to add one tbsp in the warm water and drink it to help digestion.
6. Anti-infection. drink 2-3 times a day, can prevent urinary tract infections.
7. Lemon contains dietary fiber pectin, which can promote intestinal peristalsis; cellulose can also accelerate bowel movements to prevent constipation.
The main effect is to reduce the body heat, relieve pharyngitis, sore throat, and the effect of detoxifying and whitening spots.

Customer Reviews

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Lemon orange peel puree

I was having a lil itch on my throat because eat too much chocolate. I was panic, scared due to current situation. I know i must do something to prevent it getting worst. Checked on d’splendid website. Delivery need 6 to 7days. Whatsapp sis emma on thursday evening. Courier picked up the next day. Thank u sis emma for the good service and product.

Repeat orders fulfilled with satisfaction

I've been taking the puree and using the breathe easy rubs for more than a year and they have proven to be very effective in helping my family and I strengthen our immune system. Since my daughters use the rubs, it took many many months before they really fall sick again (knowing sometimes they don't take care of their health by taking junk food and cold drinks). And the puree is very effective for me too. I will continue to order these as I know they have benefitted my family. Thank you!

Lemon & Orange Peel Puree

Really help with my sinus n also my dry cough since 4 months ago.
Most of my colleague notice that I've stop coughing after a week consuming it. Will continue drinking it every morning n night.

My Go-To!

Always handy to have this around in the house! I may not take this daily (which I should!), but the moment I feel a sore throat or symptoms of flu and cough coming, I will make a warm cup of the puree. It either helps me not fall sick at all or my illness will be mild.

Lemon and Orange peel puree

My 2 yrs old kid diligently consume it every morning before going to school for a month. Alhamdullilah it reduces from him getting the bugs. If not before this, he will catch the bug easily.

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