100% LACTO BERRY  ( Pregnancy safe and babies safe)

100% LACTO BERRY ( Pregnancy safe and babies safe)

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Who Needs Lactoberry?

In a word - everybody!

  • Pregnant ladies - it gives a stronger immune system to babies, hence reducing the chance of them getting allergic reactions when they grow up.
  • Babies who are not breastfed, to help them digest food better and boost up their immune system.
  • Adults with or without illness.
  • People who encounter daily stress.
  • Patients after medical treatment, as it helps reduce the side effects of medication.





  • Bifidobacterium Lactis: Capable of breaking down fiber and the difficult-to-digest oligosaccharides, improving the acidity in the GI tract, subduing the proliferation of harmful bacteria, and encouraging the digestion and absorption of dairy produce.


  • Bifidobacterium Longum: Maintaining flora balance of friendly colonies in the GI tract, inhibiting the growth of pathogens, preventing the onset of constipation.


  • Isomalt: A sugar substitute almost as sweet as sugar, Isomalt has half the calories, hence is safe for consumption even among diabetics


  • Cranberry Powder: The anthocyanidin found in Cranberry is capable of warding off the harms of E. Coli on our urinary tract. With 80%~90% of the urinary tract infection attributed to E. Coli, this special extract of Cranberry is exceptional in preventing E. Coli from adhering onto the urinary tract, hence keeping infections at bay.
  •  Raspberry Powder: Helps prevent the onset of constipation.
  • Blueberry Powder: A natural anti-aging food supplement that helps remove free radicals and promote the elimination of our metabolic wastes.


DIRECTIONS: Consume after a meal. Do not mix with hot water or carbonated drinks.

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