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If you are constipated. . . If you have acne. . . If you have various spots on your face. . . Lala jelly can help cleanse your intestines and detox, so that the face looks beautiful! Many people suffer from intractable constipation, which often causes their blood pressure to rise, and their blood flow speed to increase. Myocardial infarction can be caused by calcified spots in the blood vessel wall that rush into the blood flow and block the vessels. People also tend to ignore symptoms such as chest tightness and chest pain and do not realize that they could be signs of acute myocardial infarction. Often, they miss the best time to seek medical treatment. Constipation can be solved by eating lala jelly! ️

The formula contains three prebiotics to boost immunity. More than 60 kinds of fruit and vegetable extracts are added to the comprehensive fermented fruit and vegetable juice. Purifies the blood while removing intestinal toxins, allowing the liver to metabolize them.

We add Acarola cherries imported from Brazil, red grape concentrate powder imported from the United States, and Bremen imported from Italy, which is more effective in beauty treatments and anti-oxidants.

With the addition of the American patented Euglena goldenrod, which is referred to as "cordyceps Sinensis in water," it bolsters immunity, resists influenza, improves enteritis, and regulates the intestines and stomach.

Add Pu'er tea powder, which is known for its fat-burning, anti-ageing effects, blood fat reduction, anti-oxidation, stomach protection, warm stomach, and stomach protection.

Lala Jelly contains honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, which reduce oedema and diuresis, clear liver and eyesight, dispel wind-heat, eliminate heat and detoxify the body.

The company has passed GMP and HACCP certifications, as well as the production standard of the 100,000-grade sterile workshop and medical-grade products.


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